About Us

LiteGR is a small company with head quarters in Brooklyn, N.Y. Our Team is currently made up of 5 members and we are soon to grow much bigger. At LiteGR we strive to deliver you with the best and latest products alongside prices that can make you feel good about your purchase. 

We started out in late 2015 as a Startup with the idea to make consumer goods, mostly in the camping and accessories spectrum accessible to everyone who loved to stock up on the best gear without spending tons of money doing so. 

Up until early 2017 these deals and products had mostly been hidden from the public market, since most of our customers had private access, but now thanks to our suppliers making the products more accessible in bulk for us to make more and more consumers happy every product is available for the public at the same elite price.

Thank you for making us your choice to GR up on your accessories!!